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Get all of this for one low price! Includes 2 Books, 4 DVDs and 7 Downloads.


Includes the following:


  • Stand Up For Freedom: Teachings on Liberty by Ezra Taft Benson
  • Awakening to Our Awful Situation: Warning from the Nephite Prophets (Book 1) by Jack Monnett

DVD Videos:

  • Ezra Taft Benson Videos (2┬áDVDs) includes:

- The Constitution: A Heavenly Banner
- Stand Up For Freedom
- The Proper Role of Government
- Civic Standards for the Faithful Saints
- Our Immediate Responsibility
- Beware of Pride
- I Testify

  • Prophets and the Constitution
  • Secret Combinations Today


  • Awakening to Our Awful Situation (by Jack Monnett) - Audio Book (MP3 Download)
  • Awakening to Our Awful Situation - Book 2 (by Jack Monnett) - Audio Book (MP3 Download)
  • When the Lights Went Out (by Jack Monnett) - Audio Book (MP3 Download)
  • Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen (by H. Verlan Andersen) - Audio Book (MP3 Download)
  • The Hidden Things of Darkness (by Christopher Bentley) (eBook PDF)
  • A Glorious Standard: For All Mankind (by Christopher Bentley) (eBook PDF)
  • Works of H. Verlan Andersen (all of H. Verlan Andersen's books in PDF and DOC format)