The 7 Epoch Shifts in Civilization’s Destiny (eBook)

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That Ye May Marvel - The 7 Epoch Shifts in Civilization's Destiny by Kelly Gneiting, American Sumo Wrestler.

There have been six events in history which has jolted the mainstream of society from the course previously routed.  And we are at the dawn of a seventh—that of establishing the Kingdom of God, which is separate from the Church of God.  Each of the six previous events tells a fantastic story in which God’s omnipotent arm was keenly observed, to the point where even the most unobservant was compelled to stand with awe.  Take a Journey of insight into the 7 most striking occurrences in human history—each aimed at saving humanity, the “work and glory” of God.

About the Author:

Kelly Gneiting is a resident of Idaho Falls, Idaho where he lives with his wife of 17 years, and 5 young children.  After graduating from nearby Rigby High School, Kelly attended Ricks College, then the University of Idaho where he earned both an undergraduate (B.S.) and graduate (M.A.T) degree in Geography, graduating with honors in both programs.  He currently serves as Western Regional Coordinator for the National Independent American Party, a volunteer position.  He's also very involved as a Patriot in his home state of Idaho.  Kelly Gneiting's heroes are New England's original Patriots (NOT the football team).

Kelly is also a world renowned athlete in the sport of sumo, where he’s amassed 3 U.S. Championship titles, along with U.S. representation at World Sumo Championship competitions for seven consecutive years, and running.  His media appearances have included ESPN, CNN, Discovery Channel, MTV, and National Geographic.  In 2008 Kelly completed the LA Marathon at a weight heavier than the heaviest man to ever play NFL football (425 lbs), and in 2011 completed a second Marathon for the Guinness World Record of ‘Heaviest Person to Complete a Marathon’.  He was 400 pounds.

eBook edition (PDF format). 255 pages (updated edition).