Awakening to Our Awful Situation by Jack Monnett

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Awakening to our Awful Situation takes readers to the "here and now" of scripture and warnings from this dispensation's living prophets.

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Using Moroni's poignant description of the latter-days as a guide while also considering the writings of other Book of Mormon prophets, Dr. Jack Monnett contrasts current events of today with those of the ancient Americans. Pertinent but little known historical information is unfolded to help the reader understand the relevance of revelation and the role of Church members in today's world. Awakening to our Awful Situation introduces Latter-day Saints to American events and political practices that are frequently disturbing. Weaved with scripture and writings from latter-day prophets are topics such as America's world wars, major media networking, money and banking systems, public education, the war on drugs, the war on terrorism, and the United Nations. Particular attention is given to the events of 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombings, and the Iraq War.