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Elder H. Verlan Andersen was called as a General Authority in April of 1986. He was widely known as one of the most pro-Liberty and pro-Constitution leaders of the church along with President Ezra Taft Benson with whom he was a close friend. His 1967 book, Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen, was so sound and foundational that President Benson, at the April 1972 General Conference, recommended that the entire membership of the LDS church read it. There are many in the LDS Liberty community who credit this book with causing them to have a complete re-awakening. It’s a must read (or listen in this case), especially before voting, and gives a whole new perspective on D&C 121.

Thanks to Tammy Broderick for taking the time to record this inspired book. Thanks goes out as well to Hans V. Andersen for letting LDS Liberty record this book.

( Digital Download - MP3 Audio Format, 230 MB. 2 hrs 46 minutes. )